Art projects

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Art projects
by members of Disorient
Radioactivis Tags (2006) by RoBo
Invisible dogtags that project "96.9 WDEX" and other slogans when the wearer shines light through them to promote the Disorient Express radio station

Disori6nt Cloaks (2006) by Geo, Dafong ++
Pornj cloaks for your journey to the deep playa.

Disori6nt Goggles (2006) by Geo, Blinky and The Eye
Pornj protection.

The Hut of the Glam Tech Warrior (2006) by The Eye
The Warrior's black-lit home on the Playa.
Where The Eye lives and entertains.

Disori6nt RickShaws (2006) by Geo
A fleet of rickshaws.

Disori6nt Urn (2006) by Lobster Rocket
Outdoor fire receptacle.

Head Dress (2006) by Blinky
Head dress for BRAF.

Origami Match (2005) by Tejawe

PixelStrips (2005) by Blinky

DEX Medallion (2005) by The Eye and John F. Simon Jr.

Di5orient Necklace (2005) by Blinky

Gifting Credit Cards (2005) by Jason1969
Tranformation of fake credit cards sent as junk mail into playa gifting credit cards intended for comical social interactions and unique gifts.

Disorient Tape (2004-2005) by Blinky

MegaPixel (2004) by Spec

Fun Island (2004) by Circe and Lacey
Friday night dinner and gathering that let participants "take a break from space" and find themselves amist an unimaginable-at Burning Man oasis. Tropical decor transformed the dome and gourmet vegan food filled the people accompanied by the sounds of Vinyl and Friends.

First Supper (2003) by Circe and Lacey
Saturday night pre-burn dinner and gathering that invited participants to enjoy the "First Supper of the Rest of Your Life". Passing throught Roman columns into a the tranformed dome, participants were kissed with a flower essence and thier hands and feet were purified before they were led to a communal feast.

Reorient Currency (2003) by The Eye

M1 (2003-present) by Bogdanov and Bogdanov
Modular element used as a base for dj tables, bar counters, shelves, stages, etc.

Zero G Chairs (2000-present) by Blinky
The ultimate in lounging, the Zero G Chairs are a beloved and memorable icon of the camp. Easy to set up and break down, they provide an excellent way to chill out from dancing and provide the perfect seating position to view the Dome's projections. The unique shape makes one feel weightless, giving these sought after couches their name.

D-Shirt (2000-present) by Blinky and friends
Blinky started the Disorient T-shirt tradition. Every year it is one of his many gifts to the community. His design that represents the Man on our 2000 T-shirt was then used by Burning Man Organization (with Blinky's approval). Through the years more and more DOers have added their contribution to the D-shirt project.