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Planning Meeting 2 June 7 2007


Planning Pot-Luck May 18 2007

Disorient: Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date: 5.18.2007


On Friday May 18th Disorient held a goup meeting at the EyePad. We discussed Rex, Camp Organization, Cells, Wiki, Puddle Registration, and camp logistics. Images by Junko


  • Rex is another bus; an addition to Dex
  • Possible to put entire sign on wheels
  • Currently parked in New Jersey
  • Rex is ready to be Glam-Teched
    • Deck Construction
    • Need welders; people who have structural support experience
    • Mounted Sound System: Drop onto playa or mount on bus. Could create simple pully system
    • Has potential to be one of the biggest sound systems on the playa
  • **Must find place to do work!**
    • Space must be secure / fenced in
    • Must have a tool shelter area
  • Need drivers. No special License required

Camp Organization

  • Will keep Pornj Lane
  • Containers (2 of em)
    • Use as shade structures
    • One side kitchen
    • One side work space / tools and materials
  • Front of camp
    • Both buses hold sign
    • No scafolding need?
    • Friar Tuck has a good bus arrangment idea to draw up
  • Esplande Presence
    • Do we have Esplande?
    • What do we have to offer?
  • Cluster with other New York camps or not?
    • Camping near other NY camps allows for shared resources
    • Going off from NY camps allows us to integrate with new neighbors
  • Spread Thin message from Leo
    • Need to be concious of how to focus energy
    • Cells and camp modules must be clearly defined and self sufficient


  • Love Ministry - Kitchen
    • Kitchen should be good comfortable space to congregate
  • Yoga Cell - Do we know techers willing to lead?
  • Eco Element - Alfa tent
  • Hut of the Glam-Tech Warrior
    • Camp Meeting
    • Pixel Project
  • Re7uge: Virgil's Lair, Virgin Hostel, Med Tent (Tipi), Moon and Sun (Sweat) Lodges, Hot Rock Burn Box, ReOrien7 "TLC Spa/Rejuvenation Station"...
  • Thundersticks' Wizard of Oz
  • Disorient is an art camp. Let encourage more art cells!


  • People feel it's hard to understand
  • Would like a table of contents
  • Navigation is difficult
  • Rumble training session

Puddle Registration

  • Create a sense of responsibility for who you invite
  • We don't get big for big sake
  • What is optimal size?
  • We are compassionate Glam-Tech Warriors

Camp Registration (People)

Camp Registration (Playa)

  • Must be done by May 31st
  • Pierre is doing registration this year

Camp Logistics

  • Set Up
    • Early arrivals (10 max): Arrow, Tegan, Jamie, Big Dawg, Pierre, Hot Sauce, Thundersticks
  • Dex
    • Needs a crew to bring to Playa
    • Needs a little love in Reno
  • Camp Design
    • Need to draw
    • Consider Container location
    • Consider Biodiesal location
  • DisNgage
    • Extend module concept
    • DisNgage crew - think about easy setup/teardown
    • Best DisNgage was 2005
    • Possible mid-week sweep to help
    • Veterans must lead by example

Previous Years

Road Map to BM 2005

Wednesday June 29 at 7:00PM
130 West 3rd Street #4, NYC


Compressor recap


  1. Current Funds
  2. Proposed Draft Budget (contributions discussion at end)
  3. Camp dues
    1. before 8/1
    2. after 8/1
    3. newbies
    4. financial need handling

Labor/finance prioritization: NO FLOATING LABOR POOL

Camp projects don't survive unless they are staffed and scheduled by 8/1
or other similar ways of managing the madness.

Disorient Express (Dex)

What exactly is it? Art Car vs. Mobile Installation

The Dex Oasis: Other Dex-related projects

  1. The Sign
  2. The MiniBar
  3. The Puddle
  4. The Dancefloor & Lighting
  5. The Music

On-Playa Roles & Responsibilities for Dex

Timeframe for Building

Driving and/or Storage of Dex

Alternate Plans (DIS on wheels, ORIENT at camp)

Urban Plan & NYC Collective Map

Infrastructure & Roles

  1. Power
  2. Storage, Container, and Truck
  3. Set-up
  4. Di5Ngage

Community Projects

  1. Bus Stop
  2. Zero-G Chairs
  3. Kitchen
  4. Lounge
  5. Shower
  6. Evaporation Pool
  7. Public & Private Shade Structures
  8. Transducer X!

Other Important Roles

  1. Trash Czar
  2. Newbie Greeters?
  3. Tool Czar?
  4. Bike Czar?


  1. Puddle Registration protocol
  2. Non-NYC Di5orienters: How to effectively include and utilize within camp
  3. Camp Registration: How many people, dues structure, involvement

Add agenda items you would like to discuss during that meeting.